warmth and chicken wings.

The sun is streaming into my office through the one window on which I can leave the blinds open (so as not to cause screen glare). . .warming my hands and my arm. Feels nice.
moosebraying and I did, indeed, go out to eat last night. Cheap wing night at Hard Times. Two orders of wings and six beers (not each, total) for $23. Pretty darn good. We got one of our favorite waitresses, which was also a plus. It just seemed too cold to eat a somewhat cold meal. We’ll be doing that this evening instead.
One more night until the oven install. Seriously. Can’t. Wait.
I need to take the buffalo flank steak out of the freezer tonight and go ahead and marinate it tomorrow.
I need to e-mail/call RD White to confirm that they will, indeed, be there tomorrow to put my shiny oven into the gaping hole in my kitchen, freeing up the space in my living room that it is currently occupying.
I need to wrap this up and get along to yoga class.

later days,


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