back at it…

Hit the gym this morning assuming it would be packed. Looks like everyone decided not to get in shape for 2008. . .or that people are still off this week, or putting off the inevitable. I know once the gym gets more packed I’ll have to figure out different options as far as working out. Meaning that the limited amount of cardio equipment here in the gym at the building will most likely get occupied. Good news is, I’ve got a good excuse at present to try something new. With my ankle being a bit banged up, running is out of the question for a few weeks. . .seems like as good a time as any to give strength training a try. I figure I’ve already got the going to the gym part down, may as well change something in my routine.

Brought my lunch today, which I had packed last night. . .I like my Mr. Bento that my sister-in-law got me for Christmas. It helps control portions and gives me a reason to pack a variety of items. I’d like to get more adept at the art of bento, which is kind of fun. . .for right now, I’m just into filling the containers:). There’s an entire photoset on Flickr dedicated to what people put in their Mr. Bento. Today I had leftover greens and blackeye peas in one, some turkey pepperoni, crackers and cheese in another, a tasty spinach salad in another and a small hunk of baguette and 3 mini peanut butter cups (leftovers from christmas) in the last one. I’m still eating my EggBeater McMuffin for breakfast and accompanying it with some yogurt. balance. good taste. variety.

All of these healthy activities take planning, typically the night before. . .but its rewarding. Plus, anything I do the night before means less for me to do in the morning, which often leads to a few minutes more sleep :).

I’m about out for the day. Only 1 more day until the oven gets installed!!!! In the meantime, it’ll be a tuna rice dish that thegubes mom gave me the recipe for dinner. . .unless I get lazy and decide I’d rather go out. hmmm. . ..


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