seven for ’07.

20three took the time to do this, figured I might as well. . .in lieu of some sort of ’07 recap, although some of these items are kind of recappy in a sense, relating to discoveries I’ve made this year about myself.

Spent most of the morning/early afternoon assisting my father in removing the cabinet/cooktop where the oven will be installed on Friday, so I’m a bit out of sorts. Looking forward to a quiet evening of good food, good wine and good friends over at Mike & Karen’s to ring in the new year.

List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.

1. I don’t know my right from my left very well. I blame this on the fact that I was never tought right from left. In spite of this, I have an amazing internal compass and sense of direction.

2. I hold onto the idea of moving back to the south at some point in my life, but don’t see it happening any time in the near future. I think I need the slower pace to counteract the speed of my brain.

3. I really enjoy the process of preparing a meal, specifically preparing the mise en place. Having all of the pieces in place prior to beginning the cooking process really makes the entire experience more zen.

4. I’ve gotten into hip-hop of a pop nature a lot recently. I think I enjoy the happy beats. They make me bounce.

5. I enjoy driving. A lot. I don’t enjoy being a passenger (unless I’m not in any condition to drive)

6. Discovering yoga over the past year has balanced me out tremendously. I don’t think it’s slowed me down any, but dedicating the time to yoga practice gives me reason to pause at least once a week and let it all go.

7. I’ve recently rediscovered the joy of eye makeup, specifically eyeshadow. . .and how it can really complete a look. I’m not talking about getting all made up, just accentuating. Strange considering I’ve never been all that into makeup/beauty routines.

Feel free to make your own little list.

Happy New year,


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