a little up, a little down…

My Christmas present was delivered to the house around noon yesterday.
So, for the next week, we’ve got a beautiful gas range sitting in the living room where the Christmas tree once was (I de-Christmassed the house Thursday evening and yesterday morning)
Immediately following the delivery of the oven, I was shutting the storm door (releasing the little metal tabs that help hold it open) when I fell and twisted my ankle. I’m just that talented. Fortunately I know how to fall and roll when you feel your ankle turning and so it’s not as bad as it could have been, but it’s still a bitch.
Here I was, home alone, lying flat on my back on the brick patio. . .luckily the delivery guys hadn’t pulled away yet and one of them came back, helped me up and brushed the sand off my back. . .
Let me tell you, it hurt considerably, heck, it still does hurt.
I don’t deal well with being slowed down. . .being told to rest. I had finished most of the house cleaning that I had wanted to get done yesterday, but not all of it. I had to drag myself up the stairs and let Miller out of the bedroom (where I put him when the delivery guys came). . .that wasn’t fun.
It didn’t swell too much and there’s minimal bruising, so, really, I’m lucky. I’m just a wee bit on the gimpy side, looking like I’m dragging a dead leg around when I walk. . .and realizing how this is going to hinder my exercise routine for a little. I was considering going for a run today:(. Guess that won’t be happening now.

Can’t wait for the installation next friday. My father will be coming over Monday to help cut the countertop out for the placement of the oven, so I’ll be without a cooktop for a few days. . .

back to resting on the couch and indulging in television:)

later days,


7 thoughts on “a little up, a little down…

  1. I’m thinking along the lines of something I can use the broiler for. . .I haven’t had a broiler since we bought this house. Steak, maybe?
    I also have a cupcake mix set that I picked up from crate and barrel (1/2 price) that I’ll probably whip up as well, although baking is easier in a convection oven (which I already have)

  2. I actually didn’t know that about the convection oven. I don’t know much about them! Is all baking better in those? Baking is really all I can do very well and I don’t do much of that these days. Maybe I need a convection oven instead of a regular one.

    Cooking is not something I’m all that accomplished at. I’ve never even made steak, but then again Lee and I don’t eat steak.
    About the only thing I use my broiler for is making toast! LOL! or for when my oven isn’t working the way I want and its browning to fast on the bottom and not fast enough on the top!

  3. Yeah, especially if I want to do garlic or cheese on the toast. I butter the bread, then put what else I want on it and pop it under the broiler. It gets the cheese all bubbly that way. You have to watch it very close or it burns. How do you do garlic toast? Just bake it?

  4. toaster oven. . .spread it with butter and garlic powder. . .usually with plain old sandwich bread (lame, I know)
    but I’ll have to do some with a nice italian loaf or something once I get the oven installed. .. I haven’t had garlic cheese bread in ages. . .so good dipped into the spaghetti sauce:)

  5. Aha! A toaster oven. I guess its sort of the same idea. I’ve never owned a toaster oven. I’ve never really understood what all they were good for considering the huge amout of space they seem to take up on the counter.

    And there is nothing lame about regular sandwich bread toast! We do that sometimes to use up stale bread! It tastes yummy all buttered up with some garlic powder and parmesean cheese on it! Makes a yummy snack at night!

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