twas’ the night before Christmas…

And all through our house, we’re sitting and relaxing and doing whatever we feel like doing. . .waiting for the time when we feel like journeying over to my parents house.
So, yeah. That’s about what we’re up to today.
We opened our presents earlier, or, rather moosebraying opened his presents and I watched. My very large present will be delivered on Friday and installed a week from Friday. Can’t wait:).
I did get a couple of items I’ve been wanting for a while. . .including this fantastic lunch container, which I can’t wait to figure out how to fill and love and eat from. . .and one very indulgent dvd set that no one would ever buy for me, apparently except for my wonderful husband:).

I hope that the holidays bring much joy to everyone on my friends list. . .

later days


2 thoughts on “twas’ the night before Christmas…

  1. dude, you didn’t mention that you got Dawson’s Creek! Or did you and I was in my “gin haze”? 😉

    Back in LA now – it’s was great to see you and spend time with you and Chris…happy new year…

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