sleepy. sleepy. sleepy.
back in my morning gym routine, which is nice b/c it means I’m guaranteed a nice hot shower before work (sometimes our hot water doesn’t quite last for two people in the winter. . .could be a sign?). . .
my legs are stiff, but it’s the good kind of stiff. picked up a new pair of running shoes yesterday. figured my old kicks were getting a bit tired. . .ran a total of 8 races in those shoes plus running in between. . .the tread was still looking ok, but the cushion wasn’t what it used to be. new running shoes rock. . .all bouncy and stiff and supportive and stuff.

I need more caffeine this morning. Wasn’t up too late last night (around 10:30-10:45 ish) but still just feeling ragged. I figured getting back on the exercise wagon would combat this drag ass feeling, but it’s not quite working out.

The day continues to be a bit quiet. I’m hoping it picks up a little in here, but not so much that it gets crazy.

20three and her husband are officially in town. I’m not sure that they’re completely with it after flying in on the red eye, but they’re here. Looking forward to spending time with them this weekend.

later days,


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