absolutely no explanation for this…

Everyone gets a song stuck in their head from time to time.
My question is, why is Crank That firmly embedded in my brain this afternoon.

I place most of the blame on this video which amuses the heck out of me.

I think the rest of the blame lies in the fact that I listen to this radio station sometimes on my way home, therefore subjecting myself to various forms of music that I typically wouldn’t be listening to. Or, rather, music that doesn’t quite fit what most people would outwardly observe of my personality. Sometimes I feel like the character in Office Space, Michael Bolton, who’s in his car listening to gangsta rap and rapping along to every word.

In other news, it’s grey outside. which makes me kinda grey inside.
I prefer to spell grey with an “e” rather than gray with an “a”, I feel that spelling more accurately reflects the meaning of the word in a visual fashion.

My brain is kinda mushy today.
Must be the effects of the wine from last night.
I should really get my work wrapped up today.


I really enjoy how the boy in the front just keeps on moving forward. He’s REALLY into this.
Also, note how their superman is very elegant and in a ballet fashion.
Also, did you know you can buy an instructional video on the iTunes music store that will teach you how to do this dance?


3 thoughts on “absolutely no explanation for this…

  1. I think this almost qualifies as modern dance. I believe you can actually get a Master’s in it.

    My ex taught ballet over in Bowie, Maryland. There were a number of parents who expressed an interest in formal instruction of this type of dance.

  2. this video CRACKS ME UP! That kid in the front, he really breaks it down at the end. It’s funny, my coworker is trying to learn the dance and she showed me the instructional video on YouTube a few weeks ago. I think I could follow these kids more easily…IF I wanted to learn it. I can’t STAND that song, but now, I crack up when I hear it thinking of these tots.

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