good thing I left early…

It took me 2+ hours to get from my house in Alexandria (just outside the beltway at Rte. 1) to my office in Bethesda (I-270 at Democracy). It’s a 22-25 mile commute depending on my route. 1.5 hours of that was spent on the scenic GW Parkway due to a nasty accident just south of 123.
Makes me so look forward to the drive home in the dark after it’s been snowing a little more.
I left my house at 7 (as I typically do on the mornings I don’t go to the gym) and arrived in the office a little after 9. I’m still the only one here. . .I think some of my coworkers that take I-270 south are still in their cars.
amazing. I think I’d give up and go home at this point.
oh, and my cell phone battery all but died on the way in b/c I was talking to my mother. I believe that cell phone batteries hold their charge for about a year before starting to not hold a charge at all. . .and then the cell phone companies cease to sell batteries for your phone (which is a year old) so that they can rope you into buying a new phone.

lots to do.
back to it.


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