up before the sun…

My, we’re up early this morning.
moosebraying had turned on his workweek alarm and kept hitting snooze. . .
it’s not like we’re late sleepers to begin with, but this is a little nutty.
We’ll be leaving around 8 to head over to the stadium for the Skins game, which is over an hour from now.
I fell asleep last night while we were watching a movie, so I was down for the count around 8:30 pm. sad but true on a Saturday night. Obviously the days of my wild youth are behind me;).

I suppose I should go assemble the layers I’ll be wearing today to keep myself warm. I really don’t enjoy being cold. cold and wet is going to be downright miserable. fingers crossed that the rain doesn’t set in until later in the afternoon so that my wetness is minimal.

happy Sunday,


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