Tuesday’s a bitch…

Today hasn’t been my day. . .
traffic woes this morning that lead to me realizing I’d left my work clothes at home (while I was wearing somewhat dirty jeans and a workout shirt into the gym at the office). . .shopping for new clothes lead me to realize what a pain it is buying pants for a curvy figure (who designs this stuff anyhow, people who don’t have hips???) lead to me eating a late lunch and don’t even get me started on the fact that I’m somehow incapable of finding one ingredient that I’ve been seeking to make dinner this week (pomegranate molasses). . .
Top that off with the Sean Taylor news and you’ve really got a good reason to have a case of the Tuesdays (and we all know how I feel about Tuesdays)

the day ended well with a delicious meal, some good TV (from Monday night, via the DVR). . .and the discovery of candy cane oreos at Trader Joes (not really oreo brand oreos, but sandwich cookies with candy cane-studded creme). . .haven’t tried them yet, but I look forward to it.

off to bed for me.
later days,


One thought on “Tuesday’s a bitch…

  1. I have trouble finding pants that fit good too. Even pregnant when your waist expands. Stuff thats big enough for my hips and ass leaves me swimming around the waist. It is aggravating. Go figure.

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