miller’s day at the office…

I really enjoy these short, pre-holiday days here at the office.
No one comes in, typically I have little to do (although I seem to have rationed my workload appropriately)
and I’m able to bring the dog in with me:).
He seems to really enjoy the attention (heck, what am I saying, he LOVES it), and it’s making me feel a little less guilty about the fact that we’re dropping him off at the kennel this afternoon for the holiday. We can’t take him with us down to Raleigh this year, it’s just too much, too many people, too crazy. . .this will be the first time we’ve boarded him somewhere other than at my parents or Mike & Karen’s. . .I know he’ll be fine and be well cared for, he just won’t get the attention he’s used to. Every once in a while, I really need to remember that he’s just a dog. . .but he’s our dog, and we love him. . .

So one hour to go, should go by quickly, I need to wrap up some things and then consider taking Miller for a little walk before we make the trek home.

later days,


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