slavin’ over a hot stove Sunday…

Sundays lately have been a chance for me to do a little cooking for the week ahead. Nothing is better than coming home after a long Monday and knowing that your meal is more or less ready to go. This morning, I also had the opportunity to cook for our neighbors who just had a baby. . .it’s good practice to bring folks who just had a kid some food. . .they may not take the opportunity to cook for themselves.
From the stove today:
White chicken chili – my mom’s recipe she clipped from the Washington Post food section years ago (this was for my neighbors)
Mini corn muffins (to go with the chili)
Guinness Pot Roast (in the crock pot) – for dinner tonight. I’ll use the remaining beef that isn’t eaten to make beef stroganoff one night this week.
I’ll be hunkered over the stove again on Wednesday, prepping the deviled eggs for the trek down to Raleigh Thursday morning as well as whipping up a small dessert and snacks. . .

Feeling a little stiff from yesterday’s race, but not too bad. I really need to get back to the gym this week. . .running wasn’t a problem at all yesterday, but the pounds feel like they’re creeping back on (actually, about 5 of them have crept back on), as they’re inclined to do this time of year. .. I enjoy food and cooking entirely too much for me to be sedentary in any way, shape or form. . .and I’d rather not start out the new year needing to drop 10 lbs again like last year.

Football on tap again today. Short, yet busy, week ahead.
later days,


2 thoughts on “slavin’ over a hot stove Sunday…

  1. I love corn bread. Especially when its hot and buttered!

    I also love deviled eggs. They’re one of my favorites. But I like them plain. No fancy paprika or pickles or olives or anything like that on or in them.

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