Freeze your gizzard…

This morning I completed my 7th race of the year, running in the Freeze Your Gizzard 5K in Leesburg, Virginia. . .it was a rather chilly morning, temps in the 30s, but at least there wasn’t too much of a breeze. This race was cross country. . .really, really cross country, which I’m not used to running.
Picture running through grassy fields and up grassy hills and down grassy hills. . .it took a lot more focus on the ground than I usually take when running, but I was pleased with the results. I finished in 35:18. Basically, I’ve finished all of my 5Ks in 34-36 minutes this year. . .and I ran all but about 30 seconds of this one at a nice pace. Still feeling it at the moment and I’m sure I’ll be a little stiff tomorrow, but it was worth it. . .I finally have a long sleeve T-shirt to show for all of my racing this year:). . .it was part of the reason I wanted to run “one more race”. . .not sure how much running I’ll be doing in 2008 if and when I become pregnant. . .I may be doing a little more volunteering at a few races rather than running.

Got some cooking and cleaning to take care of and then dinner with Mike and Karen tonight, rescheduled from last night.



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