3rd floor, pleasantries…

Elevators are typically places where people avoid all eye contact and conversation, especially strangers.
This morning’s pleasant surprise was when the elevator was not only held for me, but when myself and the two others in the elevator began exchanging pleasantries. Wishes of Happy Friday, the sun is shining, traffic was light this morning. All smiles.
Sometimes I think we all crave a little more interaction from our fellow man than we get, if for nothing more to let us know we’re not all alone. . .especially not on a Friday morning.
I was here until a little after 6 last night, feels like I never left. Got a decent amount on my plate today that I’d like to get taken care of sooner rather than later. I need to run out this afternoon and pick up a little cold weather running gear, specifically ear coverings and something for my legs to go under my warm up pants. I’m running my last 5K of the year tomorrow morning and it’s supposed to be in the 30’s. . .just like my first race of the year back in March. Hard to believe after tomorrow I will have run 7 races this year. With the cold weather upon us, it’s definitely time to switch over to pure indoor running, not that I’ve been doing that lately either.
Going out to dinner this evening with Mike & Karen. Looking forward to it. It’s always entertaining when someone calls you and you tell them that they’ve been on your to do list all week, to which they reply the same.

work beckons (boooo)
Happy Friday.


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