nearing the end.

nothing much to say this afternoon.
had a lot of fun last night, but getting in at 11pm is a little late for me.
been busy today, which is good, but now I’m out of steam.

dinner and tv catching up tonight.
this dish, courtesy of epicurious
accompanied by this dish, to which I may add some garlic.
add a glass or two of white wine and, voila, instant dinner deliciousness. well, maybe not so instant.

I really need to get hopping on this whole oven thing. Not quite sure what I’m procrastinating for. I think I’m just hesitant to jump into any sort of home improvement project simply because of the uncertainty of it all. But really, I just need to call a plumber. Tomorrow, I’ll add this to my to do list for tomorrow. A new oven/stove is really all I want for Christmas. It would make my life so much easier.

le sigh.
still so very out of it. free beer is not always a good thing. I’m not hungover, just mleh.

later days,


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