cool jazz, hot coffee, cold rain

I wasn’t expecting the rain when my metro train popped out from underground at the Grosvenor station. It wasn’t raining when I boarded metro at 6:40am. . .and now, at 7:40, it was. I hadn’t planned for the rain, silly me, because I typically drive a car to work and park in a covered garage. I’m sure somewhere in the vehicle is an umbrella, but I wouldn’t state that with any sort of absoluteness. In any event, I rode metro today in order to ride it downtown after work to attend this event. I’ve discovered that rather than convince my company to drop $250 on my AIGA membership, I’ll just attend the events as a non member and expense it. . .they seem to go for that as well. It does mean that I don’t get into things that are member-only, but I get to go to the things I enjoy and I don’t feel guilty about missing out on events. I’m not in need of networking (odd to say that, but it’s true). I just enjoy the energy from being around other people who do what I do, now that I’m comfortable with what I do.
I’ve got an ad sitting in front of me that is in need of my attention. Problem is, I’m not feeling it. I’ve sketched out a couple of layouts, picked out some photos that we have on file for the property. . .and they’re insistent on property shots. . .problem is, the property is UGLY. Trying to figure out how to create style where there isn’t, how to make something out of nothing as opposed to garbage in, garbage out. . .this is a challenge on a regular basis with my job. Not every property is stylish and hip, although a lot of the older properties are at least redecorating their models so that we can get new pictures of a living room that doesn’t look like it’s from 1970. Floral couches. oh yeah, baby. . .that screams rent me!
As a result of the event this evening (and picture_kept‘s post yesterday) I dressed designerly. think black and khaki, but in reverse. black pants, black v-neck, cool necklace, khaki jacket. dressing the part instead of for the weather. At one point in my life I really bought into the whole dress for the job you want, not the job you have. . .but now that there isn’t really any further movement for me at my company, I can just be comfortable with what I do and what I wear, within reason. Dressing, instead, to fit in with my office’s vibe rather than worrying excessively if I’m going to get looked over when the time comes for a promotion. This would also be the advantage to having my direct boss in Atlanta. The autonomy I have here is a blessing and a curse.
One of my sales reps just popped in and supplied me with some down and dirty, quick and easy work, so I best get to that. Feel somewhat productive. It never fails, when it rains, I just lose all of my motivation to do anything of substance.

later days,


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