apparently I pilfered moosebraying‘s car keys yesterday after he threw them to me so I could move the car. good thing he doesn’t keep his house keys on that ring. looks like I’ll be taking Miller to the vet tonight for his kennel cough booster instead of him taking the dog this afternoon.
I guess car keys just feel too comfortable in my hands. must have thrown them right into my purse when I got back inside too. he went outside to try and open the Subaru with the valet key, but since it had been armed with the regular key fob, the alarm was set off. fortunately it shut off. guess I can be fairly forgetful from time to time. I wouldn’t call this irresponsible, just not altogether responsive. . .an automatic response to an automatic action. drive car. park cark. take keys out of ignition. lock car. drop keys into purse. carry on.

amazing how mindlessly I go through parts of my day. morning routines. certain aspects of my job. brushing my teeth. walking the dog. filling the tank with gas. making the coffee. every once in a while I stop and take in the details of life that happen during these mundane, everyday activities. stopping to smell the roses, or the toothpaste, or the gasoline. . .to make sure I’m aware of living, breathing, being. . .apparently this proves that I should be aware a little more often. makes me wonder what else I’ve accidentally done in the process of being on auto-pilot.

later days


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