room for improvement…

In the continuing saga of home ownership, I’ve taken it upon myself to replace the dingier mini blinds in the house one at a time with faux wood blinds. I love the look of the 2″ slats and the fact that you don’t end up with the bent blinds like with the metal minis. Today I replaced an adhesive room darkening blind with white faux wood blinds. I’m really pleased with the way it looks and the fact that we can now bring more light into the bedroom but still have the ability to block out the light. Next on my blind list are the dingy looking minis in the green room (where I’m sitting at the moment, aka the spare bedroom). Against the bright, clean colors of the room, these tan blinds look like they were in a smoky bar. I’m thinking possibly roman shades or cellular shades instead of the minis. Something softer that would take the place of having to get curtains for the room, but I’m sure cost will actually dictate what I end up doing.

moosebraying is off at the Skins/Eagles game with thebrowncoat, so I’m left to my own devices today, which means Falcons on the big tv and good beer for me:). . .I’m facing my dog in fantasy football this week so I’ve been talking smack to him all morning. . .in a loving way of course. (We had to create a shadow team in one of the leagues I’m in, so they’e Miller’s teams). I rather enjoy being able to watch the games by myself. I used to miss going to the bar and being around all of the yelling, but when your fandom is in the minority in the area in which you live, it’s a lot easier to be rowdy at home, not to mention cheaper.

Not much else to say this Sunday. Bummer I’ve got to go back to work tomorrow, but I’m sure this week will be busy enough to fly by.

later days,


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