rainy days.

Something about a rainy Friday afternoon makes me want to curl up on the couch with a hot cup of tea, a good book, a lap blanket, a warm dog, listening to Dido while the rain taps softly on the window. One incandescent light burning warmly in contrast to the bleak grey outside. . .

Instead I hopped in my car and headed out to my mom’s so that we could do some meal prep. . .for $50 a piece we made about 14 meals (for two people). . .so 28 or so servings. . .not too shabby, eh? All we’ll have to do is add the sides (or in the case of some of the flank steak, some corn tortillas). A little cheaper than going to Let’s Dish.

I’m feeling very well rested and rather accomplished after 2 days out of the office. I’m also incredibly happy that I’m not going to have to drive home in this drizzly mess after dark. . .that would make for a rather miserable way to start the weekend.

Tonight, Ratatouille, goat cheese and cranberry stuffed pork tenderloin w/stove top and salad, the warmth of a blanket and the comfort of the couch.

later days,


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