nippy morning stroll.

Frosty pumpkins sit looking like toothless 80 year old men on neighbors doorsteps.
Miller charges ahead, invigorated by the chilly morning air, then stops suddenly when a scent catches his nose.
Snowflakes appear in the forecast for tomorrow night.
Is autumn gone so soon? Signs of things to come?
Layers. Hats. Hot beverages. Red noses. Tingly cheeks.
The feeling that winter may arrive sooner than forecast.


Getting ready to head out the door. Traffic looks like a mess in the direction I’m heading, go figure.
16 miles will most likely take longer than I’d like.

later days,


One thought on “nippy morning stroll.

  1. It took me an HOUR to get from Ashburn to Georgetown Pike on route 7. Then another hour to get to the Beltway..then another 30 to get to work. What a fun morning. I live in Ashburn and work in Silver Spring…BLECH!

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