on loan…

I just got a call from the Auto body shop that’s done the work on the civic. . .good news, they’re all done.
I just dropped the car off yesterday morning and in exchange am driving a 2007 Toyota Camry.
I don’t want to return the Camry. 😦
It’s been a nice cushy ride. I’m sure it’s not nearly as efficient as the civic is, but it’s fun to drive.
I suppose I just really enjoy driving different cars and driving in general. I abhor traffic, but love driving.
I suppose I need to return the car. . .booo.

In other news, today is my Friday.
I’m off tomorrow and Friday the office is closed because the sales team once again met their incremental.
Nice, long weekend for me.
Tomorrow, I’m taking the Subaru to the dealership for VA inspection and an oil change (we get free inspections from the dealership we bought the car at and it’s due an oil change, so I figure I’ll just get it taken care of while I’m there. . .it’s still under warranty, so that way if there’s anything major wrong with it, I’ll have it taken care of).
I’m hoping that doesn’t take too terribly long so that I can head down to DC and check out the Edward Hopper exhibit at the National Gallery. I’ve been meaning to get down there since it opened in September, but really wanted to take it in on a weekday so that I’d have the art to myself. Hopper is one of my favorite artists and I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to see such a large body of his work.

In the meantime, I need to wrap up here so I can go pick up the Civic and figure out how I’m going to drop off the Camry. The rental place is really close to the body shop, I suppose I could just walk.

later days,


7 thoughts on “on loan…

  1. I’ve driven a few Camrys over the last few years, and they just don’t impress me as having much character. They’re certainly bigger and comfier than a Civic, but that’s not hard. 🙂 (The ’08 Civic is huge, though!)

  2. Given where you live, perhaps the next time you guys are in the market for a car, the better thing for you will be going without and instead spending money on one of these carshare operations. That way, the days when you guys need two cars can be spent with you driving a variety of vehicles. I doubt that the carshares are built out to be attractive now, but they might be there in 2 or 3 years…

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