It’s Tuesday, November 6th…

Have you cast your ballot?

If you live somewhere where there is an election today (because I just found out that there actually isn’t an election state-wide in Maryland this year), give making it to the polls a shot.
I know it’s an off year and that a lot of people don’t vote but every four years, but some of these smaller elections have a much greater impact on our day-to-day lives than the presidential election do.

I have voted in every election but one since I became eligible to vote in 1994. I voted absentee through the mail all four years of college. And today I voted in a very state-centric election dealing with state delegates and senators (both of whom in my district were uncontested democrats) and several bond referendums dealing with money for the schools and for the roads.

If you don’t vote because you don’t consider yourself an informed voter, then consider taking the time in the future to educate yourself on the candidates and their platforms. In these smaller elections, your vote counts a lot more than you realize.

later days,


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