And thus it begins. 30 non-stop days of posting madness. I managed to make an entry every day last November and figured I was more than likely up for the challenge again this year. It is all a matter of making it habit. . .although I’m realizing at this moment that I probably should’ve posted first thing this morning rather than waiting until 2pm. . .all of the thoughts and ideas of what to write about are more or less dead and gone by now. Work zaps my brain. Yoga replenishes. Then work zaps again. That’s pretty much my Thursday in a nutshell. All work and no play make dharmabumx a dull girl, I suppose.

I just realized that I neglected to pull anything out of the freezer for dinner tonight. . .
looks like I’ll be making a stop on my way home to procure some form of protein, I’m thinking fish is on tap for this evening, perhaps brushed with a little wasabi mustard, coated in panko and then baked. . .sort of grown up fish sticks/fish fillets. . . Making me wish I’d picked up some baby bok choy at the farmers market last Saturday. . .ah well.

unfortunately work beckons. . .a large stack of requests and some additional work on the side, clerical, housekeeping, etc. . .makes the days pass rather quickly, but leaves me worn. . .

later days


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