catching up (part 1)

jack and jill
Originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

it’s been a busy set of days. . .much going on, much still to do.
for now, time to catch up.
This past weekend was spent in motion.
Saturday we finished off the patio re-lanscaping by purchasing a small evergree shrub, mixing together a bunch of dirts and planting it. I hope that it survives. I don’t have the best luck with planting stuff at this house.
Later that afternoon we took the time to carve our pumpkins. .. nothing fancy, but fun just the same. We’ll most likely be sitting out on our patio again for Halloween, handing out candy over the fence. . .just easier on Miller not to have people coming and ringing the doorbell. I hope no one knocks down the fence between our house and our neighbor’s this year. . the metal pole at the top of the chain link on that side is a little wobbly and sometimes the teenagers like to try to be all fancy and jump it.


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