Ryan Adams kind of morning…

I’ve felt creatively dehydrated these past few days. . .at work, at home. . .
I’ve got ideas ruminating in my head but I can’t seem to translate them to the screen.
Sketches work well for getting these layouts into the world, but not for bringing them to completion.

One week from tonight, moosebraying and I will be seeing Ryan Adams at DAR (which reminds me, I’ve got an extra ticket I need to get rid of. . .) The last time I saw him was the night after we got engaged and I was really really exhausted and unable to fully enjoy myself. I’m not sure how he’ll be in this venue and I’ve read really mixed reviews of various dates on this tour, with many people leaving disappointed. I hope that’s not the case next week, but we’ll see.

It’s a Ryan Adams kind of morning. Fall, but not feeling like it. I’ve got enough Ryan in my iTunes library to get me through the day (and then some). Hoping that a Tuesday state of mind will clear some of the cobwebs from my brain and enable me to get through this block I’m having.

later days,


One thought on “Ryan Adams kind of morning…

  1. I don’t have any Ryan Adams in my iTunes library, but a song that IS in my “inspiration” playlist is Beck’s Where It’s At. It always gives me a creative pump when I play it.

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