what’s cookin’ tonight?

Hard to believe its only Wednesday. While I’ve been busy here at work this week, the days feel like several rolled into one. Could be the monotony of life again, where everything starts to feel the same, day in and day out. . .I hope tonight’s dinner brightens the corners a little, making life seem a little less square.

Last week, when I sat at home on Monday and Tuesday waiting (impatiently) for the nice folks from JES to show up and fill the holes back in, I had the opportunity to watch a fair amount of Food Network programming. It gave me a few ideas for this weeks menu, including this gem that we’ll be enjoying tonight along with some steamed broccoli and a smidgen of angel hair pasta on the side.

I’m ready to head out of here, but, alas, have another 45 minutes to go. boooo.
I suppose I’ll do some sketching for ad layouts, as I don’t quite have the energy to start creating digitally at the moment. I’ll save that for in the morning (since I just found out that they don’t have a meeting in the morning)

later days,


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