the common cold…

So I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon in spite of the fact that I don’t often go to the doctor for every little sniffle and sneeze. . .I wanted to make sure that if indeed I was developing a sinus infection that I would be able to cut it off at the pass with some antibiotics.
Turns out I don’t have a sinus infection. She gave me a prescription for some decongestant with expectorant (which I didn’t fill, I went OTC on this. . .). . .and told me to take it easy, drink lots of fluids, and I should probably avoid the gym/running for a few days. Oh, and my ears are full of wax and I should clean them out after I’m feeling better.
I’m a bad patient. I don’t slow down well, which is what being sick does to you. I’m treating the symptoms (which reminds me I need to go pop my Mucinex D this morning), doing what I’m supposed to be doing, but I’m already over it. I am miserable when I’m sick because I’m unable to control the illness.
I’m bummed about not being able to workout this week. . .maybe if I’m feeling better by Thursday I’ll at least be able to hit yoga class, I’d hate to miss that. The main thing, though, is that I’m better by this weekend for Mike and Karen’s wedding. Friday will be a full day with the rehearsal in the morning, lunch, golf with the guys (I’m a groomsman) and rehearsal dinner. . .then Saturday will be full with hair and wedding and getting both of our cars downtown and figuring out the logistics of everything. . .moosebraying is going to the Skins’/Lions game with thebrowncoat on Sunday and I’ll be sticking around for the brunch, so we’ll need two modes of transportation.
So here I am, sitting at home when I’m usually on my way to the gym. . .pondering what time I should leave to get to the office. . .
The work on the house should begin today. It was supposed to start yesterday but a bit of an issue with Miss Utility prevented the gas line from being marked until after 5pm. Fortunately, they told moosebraying yesterday that they don’t believe this job will take as long (thank god for small favors, and small houses). . .and it’s good that the weather is supposed to stay dry this week, which should speed things up. It’ll be interesting to see how things go. moosebraying will have to remove one of the windows when they do the lifting on the house as it’s rather crooked in its frame due to the shifting/cracked foundation pulling the corner of the house down. . .hopefully that won’t be too difficult to remove or get back in, I’m not really comfortable with having a gaping hole in the first floor of our house.

sigh. I suppose I should put my makeup on and head out. maybe treat myself to some Wild Sweet Orange Tazo tea at starbucks since I’m avoiding the coffee this week.
later days,


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