friday, thank god

I think I have really and truely gotten too accustomed to short work weeks, because working 5 days in a row just seems really really long.
Ran for 30 minutes this morning around the office park area. Pleasantly overcast with a few raindrops here and there. I’m enjoying being able to run outside before work instead of on the treadmill, I’m sure my joints are happier about it as well.
I plan to run again on Sunday morning, and then consider putting in a day of rest on one of my weekdays, perhaps Monday? Seems like a good way to start off the week:).
We’ll be prepping the house for the repair work this weekend. Glad it’s going to be temperate. I hope the weather holds the same for next weekend for Mike & Karen’s wedding.

It’s friday.
It’s still early in the day.
I don’t really have much to do today.

later days,

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