bad moon rising…

Miller’s a bit under the weather again. It’s his digestive system. Sometimes it seems random, we do nothing, and every few months he gets the runs. Other times it seems obvious, we take him to the dog park, he shares the germs with other doggies, he gets the runs. I’m never quite sure exactly what it is, but it seems to be happening with increasing frequency and we’re not about to take him to the vet every single time he gets diarrheah. At least not when it seem to clear up rather quickly.

I heard on the radio this morning that vets report more emergency calls during a full moon. . .maybe that’s his problem? Perhaps I should start tracking this.

So I was on doggie duty last night, mostly b/c I was the one who heard him whining at the foot of the stairs. I was waiting until he came up and whined by the bedside, but he’s stopped doing that. 1am, I’m walking the dog who’s not well. . .1:10 am, back in the house, can’t sleep. . .1:15 am, in a strange turn of events, design ideas start coming to me. I haven’t been inspired at night in quite some time. I’m a morning person. I’m productive in the morning. But perhaps the other side of my brain is still inspired by the moonlight. Good ideas too, not just the kind that seem good at the time. Fortunately I was able to hold onto them until after my run and shower this morning, scrawling down tag lines and photo treatments on a hot pink post-it note. Now I guess I just need someone to submit an ad request that I can apply these to.

Funny how the brain works sometime.
Sucks that I’m so tired right now though. Not as tired as Monday morning, but still tired enough that a lady in the locker room had to correct me on what day of the week it was. Apparently I thought it was Tuesday. What a pleasant surprise when I was informed that it’s actually Wednesday.

Ah, well. The book goes out today, so I’d better get cracking.

later days,


4 thoughts on “bad moon rising…

  1. Oh, I had my Venti caffeinated beverage. Didn’t work.

    Jennifer and I are the same way – she’s very much a morning person (once she’s had her coffee) – I’m a total night owl. I feel most awake from like 6 or 7pm on…

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