my athletic prowess…

I know that I often underestimate myself. That I draw upon experiences from well over 10 years ago to base my own concept of my abilities. . .I think I should rethink things.
Myself and my friend Laura participated in the AIGA-ADCMW Kickbrawl this afternoon. I haven’t played kickball in god knows how long. . .and I know that the last time I played something resembling softball that I didn’t do so well. . .I think I fell down a lot (this, of course, would be high school).
I ended up third in the lineup and successfully made it to base each time I was up and scored three times.
Me. The most coordinated person I know (insert sarcasm here). . .did well at kickball. I know. . .not something to be immensely proud of. . .but for me, based on my terms, I’m proud. . .and actually believe I should reevaluate my ability to perform in sports situations. . .I mean, I was once on a flag football team that made it to the finals (and lost, but still). . .I’ll give credit where credit is due. I outran a few bad throws to first and more or less stole second at one point. . .I just paid attention when I needed to and ran. . .and most of all, I had fun and met some nice folks.
It’s just funny to realize that when you’ve spent most of your life thinking you’re not so good at something, you may actually have a shot at being better than mediocre:)

later days,


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