and we’re BAAACK…

I’m so not entirely here this morning. I’ve got a few things to tackle here and there, but this week and next are really short ones as far as work is concerned. . .and I’d rather be at home than here.
The weekend flew by, as it always does. . .in spite of the fact that it was three days long. I don’t think I would’ve been able to tackle all that I did had there not been three days. . .yesterday being a truely delightful day of nothing and watching movies and playing trivial pursuit and chilling with my husband.

To recap:
Saturday I got up, headed out to the farmer’s market as usual. . .picked up some flowers for Karen’s shower on Sunday in addition to my usual produce. (mmmm. . .bright yellow sweet italian frying peppers). From there I headed on over to my parent’s to prep the food and decorations for the shower. Her future mother and sister-in-law helped out as well and I was out of there around 2ish. Headed home, caught the tail end of the Appalachian State/Michigan game (wow.)
Two of Karen’s bridesmaids were in town from Arizona, so we headed into DC for a late (incredibly late) dinner at Lauriol Plaza. Seriously. We ate after 10:15 pm. That’s rough for me considering I’m typically asleep by 10pm. . .Afterwords we headed over to Dupont to check out the scene. .. ended up at Play. I’m apparently just getting too old for stuff like this. I was enjoying myself for a while, but then it started getting really crowded, and late, and the drinks were expensive. . .I had a good time, but it was a really late night for me. One of Karen’s friends drove us back out of the city, which was a wonderful treat, and everyone had met up at my house to start the evening. . .it’s a rare evening when I didn’t have to drive at all. I rolled in around 2:30am. Surprised the heck out of moosebraying.

Sunday was the shower. Went over early to put the finishing touches on the food/decorations.
Italian Chicken Salad in lettuce cups, Mini phyllo quiches, Herbed Goat Cheese Crostini, Fruit kabobs, mini chocolate cupcakes (I made the icing from scratch), and two different flavors of bellinis. . .I got lots of compliments on the food, which always makes me happy.
Everything turned out amazing and people had a great time. Finally got back home around 6-7ish. Long ass day. It was rough being “on” most of the weekend. It made yesterday that much more relaxing, just doing nothing. . .eating delicious steak. . .getting really goofy with moosebraying. . .

and now it’s a 3-day workweek for me. Our office is closed on Friday for meeting a sales goal (again) and I’ll be off the following Monday/Tuesday. . .just because. . .it can actually be kind of a pain when you have vacation that you have to use or lose. . .but on the upside, it makes you take time off rather than hoarding your days off for a big vacation. I’ll be spending Friday and next week doing a little fall cleaning and prepping for the big foundation repairs coming in early October.

But for now, I’m sitting here, a little brain dead in spite of adequate sleep and hydration. . .just wanting the hours to pass by. . .and writing a rather rambling, nonsensical entry.

later days,


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