august winding down…

Summer is nearly unofficially over. . .I can’t believe that Saturday is the first of September or that Labor Day is upon us. I know that summer no longer has the same meaning as it did when I was in school, but I still have an appreciation for what happens in the work place after Labor Day has passed. Things tend to become more formal again. The lax attitude and attire is replaced with closed-toe shoes and proper business casual wear. Sigh.

I’ve been busy taking care of myself lately. All of the travel I had done in June, July and August led to me not being as healthy and in shape as I have been this year. It’s amazing how quickly the pounds add up. . .and how much hard work is involved in getting back into shape. I’ve resumed my weekday attendance at the gym, hitting the treadmill/elliptical/weights before work every morning. I’ve resumed packing my lunch every day, having a nice tossed salad along with, this week anyhow, a Lean Cuisine (they were on sale) as well as eating in most every night. (Amazing what a difference that can make).

I’m finding that the older I get, the more I have to work to keep my body where I want it to be. Gone are the days when I could scarf down a McDonald’s Value meal and follow that with some form of high-calorie dessert and not have any consequences. I’m not in any way obsessed with my body image. Quite the contrary. I’m rather happy with my state of being. . .something I really feel came with turning 30 last year. I thin I’m just amazed by how good exercising makes me feel. How getting rather sweaty first thing in the morning before work provides me with energy and clarity for the day. How practicing yoga once a week really balances me out mentally and physically. How a person who used to smoke a pack a day can now run 2.5-3 miles in 30 minutes comfortably.
I’m fascinated by how making something healthy a part of your daily routine produces amazing results. I’m amazed that after being on Weight Watchers for two years on and off, the less I think about what I eat, the easier it is to eat healthy. When all you think about is your next meal and how many points you have left for the day, the week, etc. . .it leads you to an obsessive demise. At least that’s my personal experience. A little planning goes a long way. A salad a day keeps the doctor away. Routine is anything but.

Yeah, aside from the whole crack in my house/foundation thing and the waiting we’re having to do for repairs, I’d have to say that life is pretty good right now.
Happy Thursday,
later days,


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