perfect tuesday morning.

I don’t ever recall a time in my life when I was happier to see rain. Lots and lots of perfectly wet, beautifully soaking rain. The lawn is happy, the vinca is happy, the basil (only remaining thing surviving in my vegetable garden this year) is happy. The dog didn’t mind it too much this morning. The windshield wipers seemed pleased to be getting some use. Rain brings a little balance to my otherwise sunny and at times hot summer. I know that this weekend is supposed to be hot and humid, so I’ll enjoy my soggy high of 78 tuesday while I can.
I discovered a 1lb bag of starbucks house blend in the kitchen recently. It didn’t look as though it was being saved for anything in particular and seeing as I make (and drink) the majority of the coffee in this office, I made a half pot for myself this morning. So much better than the Maxwell House I typically drink. . .richer, bolder. . .perfect for this soggy tuesday.

Best get to work while the creative juices are flowing. . .I’ve got to get this one ad done this morning (I’ve been putting it off since Friday and a design came to me just before leaving yesterday).

later days,

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