feelin a little dreary in here

Today has really flown by and I still have a few ads that I need to get done before 5:30. . .my back’s a little achy which I should do something about. .. I’m about to enjoy a cup of tea and a 100 calorie pack of mini grasshopper cookies, which just seems right.
I know that this weekend will bring the return of summer-like temperatures, but I am enjoying the respite from the heat. I just wish it wasn’t so dreary looking from inside.
Monday. And I actually have to work five days this week. Hopefully it will pass quickly and painlessly. . .

later days,


2 thoughts on “feelin a little dreary in here

  1. yes, they are quite tasty. . .chocolatey and minty. . and kind of reminiscent of the texture of a thin mint but still in that traditional ring shape.

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