so very sleepy…

It’s amazing how sleepy I am this morning. I walked into the Starbucks near my office and could barely speak out my order, grande bold with room. . .I suppose a two-day work week can be exhausting ;). It’s been a fairly uneventful two days, nothing that I can’t handle. . .and honestly, the best way to ease back into work after being off for a few days is to have a shortened week.
The first fantasy football draft of the season for myself, moosebraying, thebrowncoat and erechtheus is this evening. We’ll be doing the draft remotely this year as opposed to past years when we’ve gotten together for an evening of pizza and football trash talking. I’m more or less prepared for this year’s draft. . .it’s a keeper league which makes things a bit more complicated than in plain old redraft leagues. It requires a bit more research into players that quite possibly wouldn’t get drafted as high as they do in our league. By the time the season is over, my knowledge of mediocre wide receivers is pretty astounding.
I suppose I should get to the task at hand. I’ve got a few creative ads to produce this morning and hope to get to the gym this afternoon. The amount of travel I’ve done in the past month and the amount of drinking I’ve done as well have not necessarily been good to my waistline. Seeing as I still have one more wedding I’m in this year, I should take better care of myself. I’m signed up for a 5K at the end of September and have been trying to get back on a normal schedule. . .that should right my wrongs:).

happy friday.
later days,


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