rainy days and mondays make me smile

I awoke this morning to the gentle sounds of a glorious soaking rain.
It made a smile creep across my face in spite of the fact that it’s monday.
August is always a happy month for me, nothing seems to get me down once August 1st hits. . .and I intend to ride that high through to labor day.
I was born in August.
I got married in August.
We basically moved into our house just about in August.
I come into my own in August. . .it just feels right, in spite of the heat and the humidity.

moosebraying and I spent a pretty normal weekend around the house. . .I finally got to catch up on some much needed housekeeping and such. . .I got to help thegubes out with her wedding invites and enjoy the company of two old friends over a tasty dinner…I took in a fantastic baseball game yesterday and made it home in time to watch Kurt Busch win a NASCAR race. . .In spite of a rather wicked headache that took over my brain around 8:30 last night, I managed to get a solid night’s sleep and woke up refreshed and ready to tackle this 4-day workweek.

I’m eagerly looking forward to this weekend, to moosebraying and my trip out to Huntly and the cabin. . .to tomorrow night’s dinner and a celebration of 3 (wow time flies) years of marriage…to three days off next week spent with my husband. . .the first real vacation we will have had together this year. . .

All in all life is good. And that’s a lot to say on a Monday.

later days


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