West to East and back again.

I’m completely and totally exhausted and on my way to Vegas in two hours, hoping that I’ll be able to cat nap on the second leg of my flight. I tried like hell to keep myself on west coast time but flying back on the Red Eye Saturday night and then turning around and flying back west on Monday morning makes my body and brain a jumbled mess.

20three‘s wedding went off beautifully. It was a perfect day and she was a perfect bride. I’ll get some photos up when I return later this week.
For now, I think I’ll run downstairs and pound a diet coke before moosebraying drives me to the airport for my 6:30 flight. Thank goodness I convinced my company to fly me out of National instead of Dulles. . .that would’ve been an everloving nightmare.

catch you on the flipside
later days,


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