good things…

Ranier cherries
Slightly sweet. Not too tart. A definite sign of summer. They remind me of my trip to seattle in 1999. . .going to the Pike Public Market. . .and tasting these beauties for the first time. If only they were as cheap here as they were there. . .$4.99 lb can be a steep price for a taste of summer.

Runner’s high
Running is the new smoking. I mean, in terms of socializing. It used to be that I could strike up a conversation over a cigarette with a total stranger. Now, I strike up conversations with total strangers in the locker room, because I noticed she had run outside. . .and now I may have a new exercising buddy.

dinner with moosebraying
:). Pre-arranged dinner plans with my wonderful husband at one of our favorite restaurants that we haven’t been to in quite some time, Taqueria Poblano. Tasty tacos and some of the best margaritas I’ve ever had. I moved some of my meals around (I plan out what we’re eating each night at the beginning of the week. ..takes all of the guess work out). Normally I decide on my way home that I don’t feel like cooking and I want to go out to eat and I usually can’t make up my mind. . .this time, it’s all been figured out:).

the craziness ending
work is calming down again. it’s going to get crazy next week, but at least for now, I can breathe.

Finally being able to work out again does wonders for my mental well being.
I’m glad I listened to my body and rested for a few weeks, but seriously. ..I missed it.

it’s time to shut this mother down and hit the road (hopefully avoiding these pop-up thunderstorms we’re having). . .

later days,

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