the week that wouldn’t end

is it really Friday?
I had to consult a calendar before going to sleep last night to verify that yes, indeed, today would be the last day of the workweek. . .geez.
I know moosebraying will echo my sentiment of Thank the sweet lord it’s Friday! as he has also had a very busy and hectic week at the office. Makes me wish that the weekends were a bit longer than 2 days.
My office went out for our sales manager’s birthday to a delicious thai restaurant in Annapolis called Lemongrass. It was a nice, intimate restaurant which we more or less took up half of. I hadn’t had thai in a while and thoroughly enjoyed my Panang Curry Tofu. I’ve got the leftovers for lunch today.
I’m hoping that I can get my work done and then skate out of here a little early, perhaps taking some work home with me to do this afternoon. I’m just so wiped out from doing my job this week. . .and the creative juices have really run dry. I don’t think that my sales reps quite understand that “being creative” isn’t as easy as it looks. . .and that a little direction on creating an ad can go a long way in getting it done sooner.

I’m so tired right now I’m not even making sense.

later days,


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