A few strings around my fingers…

Thoughts fly around my head so much lately, especially after the HOW design conference last week. Inspiration comes from everything and everywhere if I just open my mind up to it.
I need to remember, exercise and water do a body good. Eating well, getting adequate rest and treating your body well will provide results. I ate a lot of stuff in Atlanta that wasn’t good for me. Good for my soul, good for my tastebuds, but not good for my body. It was nice to get home and back to my routine of eating well. Most days I pack my lunch for work. . .a nice mixed greens salad with various veggies and some protein, usually chicken. I also cook dinner most nights of the week. .. so I’m very much in control of what goes into my body. I finally got back to the gym on Monday after a nearly three week hiatus due to my minor running injury. I’m learning to listen to my body when it aches in ways that aren’t good. . .I actually ran for the first time since June 2nd yesterday. . .only 20 minutes on the treadmill. . .taking it easy, slower than I had been going. . .remembering to stretch and cool down properly. . .it’s beneficial. Heck, I gained about 3 lbs. in Atlanta I’d like to take back off. . .exercise is definitely a must.
I need to remember to appreciate those around me, especially moosebraying. . .Life is too short to be cranky and pissy over stupid, stupid things like which exit to take from the ballpark. I need to remember to take pause and evaluate what I’m going to do/say or how I’m going to react before actually opening my mouth, and I don’t do that often enough. I’m very fortunate to have the people in my life who love me. . .I’d hate to change that.

Just a few strings to tie around my fingers.


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