Greetings from the ATL. It has been a fun and exciting weekend of girliness, giggling and catching up with friends that I hadn’t seen in a really long time. Oddly enough, these friends had nothing to do with my time here in Atlanta before. . .they’re girls that i’ve known since I was six. People with whom you share really funny childhood memories. Good times, good food. . .
This afternoon we’ll be going out for tea and then we’ll part ways. I’ll remain here in Atlanta for the HOW design conference perhaps staying here with Kerry (one of the friends), perhaps couch hopping with some other friends. I haven’t decided yet.
I miss moosebraying and Miller and hope that they’re getting along alright without me. . .hopefully Miller has managed to eat some food. . .moosebraying was telling me that he wasn’t eating his breakfast/dinner, which is a bit disarming. He’d been diagnosed with Giardia prior to me leaving town and has been on medication since Wednesday night. . .at least he’s taking his pills (as far as I know).

So right now it’s 8:15 am and I’m the only one awake. . .we’ve been staying up fairly late (especially for me) but I don’t think my body knows how to sleep too much past 7:45 (when I’ve been waking up both mornings). At least they’ve got a wireless network so I can sit here and type away into the great vast internet. . .

Time to do a little surfing, figure out exactly how I’ll be getting from point A to point B the next few days and maybe take the first shower. ..

later days,


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