what a bizarre ending to my week

Yesterday around 1:30 or so I got a request via IM to call my boss in Atlanta.
Her-“Would you like to go to the HOW conference next week, we’ve had an opening in the paid attendees. I know you had expressed interest back in March.”
me- blink. “um.”
Her- “I know you mentioned you were already going to be in town the weekend prior to the conference. We’d pick up your change fee on your airline ticket. The conference (at this point an $1100 value) is paid for. Just let me know by the end of the day”.
me- blink. “wow. let me just check on a few things and I’ll get back to you.”

So I call moosebraying to give him the heads up and check to see that he’s cool with me now basically being gone for nearly a week instead of just a weekend. . .he’s down. . .I call 20three, who is the reason I’ll be in the ATL the weekend prior, and who is also attending the conference, to let her know I’ll be there. . .
I call my boss back. . .
“I’ll be there.”
her- “Cool, oh, and your meals, except for breakfast, will be paid for as well”
me-“I think with the company picking up the tab on my airline ticket’s change fee and the conference that I can manage to spot myself the funds for a bagel and a cup of coffee”.

So wow, just like that I’m going to be in Atlanta from the 8th through the 13th. . .and attending a really cool design conference and really interesting seminars. . .in a city that I know and love.
What a great way to end an otherwise fairly mundane week.

In other news, I’ve got a 5K in about an hour. . .guess I should go throw down a piece of peanut butter toast ASAP.

happy weekend,


3 thoughts on “what a bizarre ending to my week

  1. “Cool, oh, and your meals, except for breakfast, will be paid for as well”

    If your lucky, the hotel has a free continental or the conference will have a donut tray set out!

  2. Unfortunately, no hotel for me. . .I’ve got other free accomodations (This was part of the initial proposal for me to go to this conference as well). It helps having lived in the ATL previously.

  3. Hooray for Atlanta! Check out the new wing of the High for me, if you get a chance. 🙂

    Great job on the 5K today. Your time is definitely better than mine. When I last ran a race, I only did 40 minutes. Congrats!!

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