34:59. I ran really hard the last 10 seconds just to make sure that I didn’t end up with a time of 35:00:).
I seem to be really comfortable completing a race in and around 34-35 minutes. .. perhaps once my muscles are up to it I should try to ramp up the training a little so that come September I’ll be able to shave at least 1 minute or so off my time?
I’ve been able to solidly run the first mile the last 3 races. . .it’s after that I get a little gassed. . .but I’m always strong at the end. I wasn’t trying to push myself too hard today b/c of the achilles. . .so I don’t know if that had any impact on my final result.
Great course, though. Flat (for the most part) and through a neighborhood which is always fun. Parents and kids outside on their front lawns cheering you on. . .there were cheerleaders at the end of the race as well, which definitely gave me the juice to run that last .1 mile.
moosebraying and I went down to austin grill in old town afterwords for a little mexican brunch. . .and now I’m sleepy. Gotta go run to the store and such, though, to make sure I’ve got everything I need for moosebraying‘s birthday dinner on Monday.

I’m out the door.


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