feels like a monday, but it’s not

I’m sitting here in my office listening to a smart playlist that moosebraying came up with conceptually. Coldplay, Travis, Keane, Remy Zero and Blue Merle (original smart playlist included radiohead, but I’m just not feeling radiohead this morning). It’s a relaxing start to the work week which is a welcome change from last week’s hustle and bustle.
For the first time in memory, Memorial Day weekend included beautiful weather and a lot of relaxing. Honestly, it felt like longer than 3 days. . .staying around town (more or less) for the weekend is a great idea because everyone else leaves. . .and you can get around a little easier. . .and places are less crowded. It almost feels like a getaway.
Friday I got out of work around 1pm, swung by trader joe’s to pick up some provisions for our short saturday trip, and headed home to relax on the patio with the dog and some tequila and lemonade. moosebraying made it home early as well and we just chilled on the back porch, enjoying some grilled chicken and the longer daylight hours. We’ve done this a fair amount on fridays as of late. . .catching up on the week’s reading (magazines) that needs to be done, enjoying some music on the wireless speakers and just generally easing into the weekend.
Saturday I got up at my usual ridiculously early time, walked the dog and headed out to the farmer’s market down in Old Town. What amazed me is how many people were out at the market at 7:30 am. . .made me realize I’m not alone in my early morningness. . .I’m not the only crazy out there:). After a quick BLT breakfast (a dang tasty BLT with butter lettuce, ripe tomatoes, pesto mayo and fresh basil on sourdough) we headed west to Rappahannock Cellars. for some wine tasting and just general husband/wife time. We took advantage of the wine club member reserve tasting room and were treated to tastes of about 10 different wines. I love this particular vineyard. It’s very comfortable there. . .we enjoyed a picnic of cheese and a bottle of their Viogner and then headed home. The remainder of the day was spent on the couch watching Eight Men Out and the Nationals game.
Sunday was another particularly lazy day spent doing nothing. We took Miller to the dog park early in the day before it got too hot and then satisfied my craving for nachos with at trip to Southside. . .they have the best friggin nachos. Sunday evening was spent in the company of Mike & Karen with some burgers, a bucket-o-rita, and some good conversation.
By this point in the weekend I was feeling really relaxed. The best part of this was realizing that there was another day to the weekend :).
Monday we went to see Pirates of the Carribean. Long but good. Then it was back home to an afternoon of board games, beer, salmon and silliness.
I feel like I really reconnected with my husband this weekend on a level that we don’t seem to do a whole lot during the week. Lately it seems that we’re a little disconnected/unable to properly express ourselves without the other second guessing/ misinterpreting what’s being said. . .marriage is definitely not an easy ride, but I think we’re doing a pretty good job making it work. . .

back to work (I’ve been writing this on and off since about 8:30 this morning)


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