a lonely night…

Last night was the first time I’d been home without moosebraying since we’ve been married. I’ve left him home alone and gone on vacations and business trips solo, but never home alone. I’m happy to say that I was less scared than I thought I’d be. . .when I lived alone I used to sleep with the TV on so I couldn’t hear any outside noises that would get my overactive imagination going. . .I suppose the difference is this time around, I’ve got Miller to keep me safe:). I let him sleep on the bed on moosebraying‘s side (I know he let the dog on the bed when I was out of town as well. . .and he slept soundly on top of the covers in a little curled up ball.

I had taken today off from work a while back. . .this works out well as it will prevent miller from having to be crated for 12 hours like he was yesterday (moosebraying typically gets home earlier than I do) and I get to go to the Braves/Nats 1pm game:). They won last night, let’s see if we can manage to eek out a win today. . .

I’m off to take the dog to the vet for his shots/ heartworm meds and then home to do a little yoga before heading on down to RFK. It’s a really pleasant morning outside, lets hope the day stays that way.

later days,


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