the early bird literally catches the worm…

So I arose rather early this morning, as I am prone to do from time to time. . .most likely because of my day off from work yesterday where I did very little yet was still rather productive. During this time of year when the sun starts to rise earlier and earlier, blessing us with more hours of daylight and fewer hours of darkness, I have a hard time not greeting the day, jumping out of bed. . .walking the dog. (I suppose the fact that I have to walk the dog in the morning makes this whole getting up early thing a fruitful endeavor). . .anyhow, as I was saying, I arose rather early this morning. About 5:45 am or so. So I dressed and harnessed up the dog for our walk. It was a pleasant stroll through the neighborhood, the air cool and clean (it’s supposed to get into the mid 80s this afternoon). And then I saw it. A bird. It landed on the sidewalk a few feet in front of us, dove into the grass and emerged with a worm then promptly flew away. What do you know, the early bird really does catch the worm. . .good thing too, those worms would be a little crispy by afternoon.

There’s very little point to this here post, but I figure it really displays my state of mind as of late. Free and easy for the most part. It looks to be another fairly quiet week. Guess being out on a Monday didn’t really hurt me too much as I get the feeling that most of the AEs won’t be in the office this week, so the ads I received yesterday in my absence more or less represent the bulk of my workload for the week.

moosebraying and I have our second baseball game of the week this evening. The Nationals are on a 4 game winning streak, which is wonderful. . .he leaves tomorrow morning for a business trip to Cincinnati which will have him out of town until Friday evening. This will be the first time I’ve been home alone since we’ve been married. . .good thing I’ve got Miller there to keep me company:).

Time to crank out a few ads and then maybe step outside to take in the warmth of the afternoon.

later days,


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