new personal best…

moosebraying and I took part in the 10th annual Race for Hope yesterday morning, a 5K that we also ran in last year to raise money for the Brain Tumor Society. I’d have to say that we both did considerably better than last year. . .I set a new personal record, finishing in 34:34 with a 11:08 split while moosebraying finished about a minute behind me at 35:38. Last year we finished in 41:18. I’d say that is a definite improvement. In addition, I think my recovery time will be significantly shorter than last year, but that’s due in large part to the fact that I’m running/jogging on a somewhat regular basis these days. It was a beautiful morning for a race, in the 50’s with a light breeze and sunny blue skies. I have to say, I slept like a rock last night. Post race we celebrated with a hearty breakfast at Whitlows, site of our first date over four years ago.
It looks to be a quiet week here at the office, which will be nice after a few hectic weeks in April. The weather has finally decided to be springlike, which makes it awfully hard to want to be inside. . .alas, there is still over an hour before it’s time hit the road. . .oh well.

later days,


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