ups and downs…

It’s funny how when life is mostly ups, there’s no need to stop and record the happenings. I suppose that’s because one is too much in the process of living life rather than writing about it. Since it’s a rather grey and drizzly april morning, I thought I’d take a moment to post about the ups because the downs are outside my window. . .and also, it’s good to be able to recall the happy times when, perhaps on down the road, life’s not all sunshine and roses.
Since going hopping back on the Weight Watchers wagon in mid January, I’ve lost 12 pounds. I’d like to thank my favorite pair of Gap Khaki low rise pants for being the driving force behind my latest weight loss/healthy lifestyle journey. . .nothing really kicks you into gear like trying on your favorite pair of pants only to find that they make your lower half look something like an overstuffed sausage casing. I mention these pants because I’m wearing them today. . .and they’re anything but tight. In fact, if I’m not careful, I may just have to get a new pair of khakis in a smaller size.
I’ve been running pretty regularly (every other weekday, on the weekends if the weather’s nice) and hitting the gym in the inbetween weekdays. . .feels good to be able to run consistently for 30 minutes, on or off the treadmill. . .I’m working on speeding up my mile pace a tick so that I can better my 5K time in a few weeks when I’ve got back to back races. I’d like to be able to better keep up with the folks I’m running with in the second race. Interesting crowd, these running people. I know one person in the group from work but met the rest at the St. Patrick’s Day 8K last month. In a way they remind me of my flag football team in Atlanta. People with whom you share one common activity and then perhaps socialize afterwords for a few hours. . .but you don’t really have any other interaction with them. I’ll just call them my running friends. It’s fun to run with people. . .passes the miles more quickly:).
moosebraying‘s sister gets married in a little over a week down in Williamsburg. I’m looking forward to another weekend with my crazy extended family.
Apparently work beckons. But I’m still staying up. . .heck, even my job is part of the happy things in my life right now. . .I never thought having all of the pieces of my life working at once was possible, but I suppose I’ve proven that theory wrong.



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