little bits of green and everything in between

I adore this time of year. . .driving up and down the GW Parkway to and from work, taking a second to notice the greening of the world. . .to gaze across the potomac toward the tidal basin and see shades of pink peeping out from the cherry blossoms. Of course, I don’t have allergies, so that makes this time of year slightly more pleasant for me than for those who suffer. It’s such an alive time of year. The sun begins to shine longer, warmer and brighter. . .the air feels fresh and clean. . .makes me long to be outside instead of holed up in my office being all creative and stuff. Not that I’m sad doing what I’m doing. . .I just wish there were a few extra minutes in the day to get outside. It’s the busy time of the month right now so breaks are few and far between.’ll balance itself out by tomorrow I’m sure.
I’m hoping to make it back to the gym this afternoon to get in a good 3 mile run or so. . .something to shake out a little energy and get the blood flowing. We’ll see if that materializes. I haven’t been to the gym in a week (even if I did get in a run on sunday). . .i’m feeling a little sluggish. I suppose that’s what happens when you put work before pleasure.

later days,


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