just for the fun of it…

Today was one of the first nice days of the season. . .a heck of a lot warmer than last sunday when I ran the 8K. I had so much fun running last weekend that I thought perhaps I should make a habit out of a weekend distance run (distance for me being 3-5 miles). A chance to lace up my shoes and clear my head. . .enjoy some tunes and the sound of my feet hitting the pavement. A chance to be fit and earn the beers I may want to drink this afternoon while watching the Bristol race.

This weekend’s jog took me around my neighborhood. . .lots of hills. .. some of them vicious. I think I’d like to find somewhere a little flatter for next weekend. Anyhow, this was my course (kind of hard to follow all of the doubling back that I do). I completed the almost 3 miles in just over 31 minutes. .. bring on that next 5K race (I’m doing one in May, there aren’t really enough available weekends in April to get one in). . .and in the meantime I’ll keep up my timed running at work a few days a week (most likely on the treadmill) and my step class. . .I’m going to look good for all of these weddings I’m in this year:).

An ice cold Miller Lite and a little NASCAR beckon.
later days,


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